This Charming Family

Well, this was just a bit of a laugh really. It all started a year or two back when somehow a conversation led to me colouring Stewie Griffin purple as a parody of the Bigmouth Strikes Again cover. It amused me, so I decided to see if I could replicate all The Smiths single covers using characters from Family Guy. Turned out they all posed for me perfectly and all I had to do was crop them and shade them in the correct duotone…

I posted them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram yesterday with no explanation, just to see if anyone would notice. Towards the end, people started to pick up on it and it seems to have amused a few other people too.

Other people haven’t been so impressed, but I get that – Morrissey and Seth MacFarlane do make strange bedfellows. It’s not some grand art project and the internet is a big place – you’ll find something you like.

For those who enjoyed it, here are all 17 covers collected in one place. And a big thank you to everyone who favourited, liked, retweeted, shared, got in touch or just laughed.


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