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Writer’s Blocks

I first had the idea of creating a comic where you ‘chose’ the story by rolling a set of dice in sequence to determine various possible outcomes of the narrative. One thing led to several others and I ended up choosing 36 iconic images to go on six dice, whereby you could (in theory) tell […]

Merry Christmas Our Kid

It was a couple of years ago that I noticed lots of people had ‘Noel’ written in their windows at Christmas time. Being me, I just thought it would be amusing if I stuck a giant ‘Liam’ in my window and see if anyone got the joke. I didn’t, as it happens, but I did […]

Oasis – a tribute

Following on from my earlier graphic discography of The Smiths, here’s my tribute to one of the biggest bands of the 90’s. Oasis – bigger, louder, better. Rock ‘n’ roll stars. A Champagne Supernova. Where were you while we were getting high? Posters and limited edition giclee prints are now available at the Proof Spirit Shop. […]

Brindle – the story so far…

It’s been a while since I published anything about Brindle Records, or indeed anything about anything, but that’s not to say that nothing exciting has been happening – too much if anything. Anyhow, I thought I should write something and here it is. Since my good friend Max Hambledon started Brindle Records and asked me […]

The Smiths – a tribute

It was thirty years ago that a band from Manchester released their first single ‘Hand In Glove’. For the next four years they released the songs that made me laugh, made me cry and definitely changed my life even if they maybe didn’t save it. I’m not going to try and tell you how great […]

Season’s greetings

Hoole is ace. Christmas lights are ace. Put the two together and you have sheer magic: Hoole Christmas Lights. When I was speaking to one of the committee for said lights several months ago, I offered my artistic services should they ever wish to use them. Therefore, I was more than happy to help when […]

Brindle Records

I was recently commissioned to design the branding for a new record label, Brindle Records, brainchild of my good friend and ace DJ/producer Max Hambledon – Tony Wilson to my Peter Saville, if you will. I wanted something contemporary to mirror the music, yet classic so it could sit comfortably alongside any of the timeless labels. He […]

Party time

If you saw notices like these on Saturday night, chances are you were at the same party as I was. Or driving past, seething with jealousy that you hadn’t been invited. My sister asked me if I could make some signs for her party and this is what I came up with. Can’t go wrong […]


Whilst creating another chemistry-related piece last year, it struck me that the molecular structure of caffeine might be a good design to go on a coffee mug. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it is now possible to upload a design and order a sample copy of such things to find out. I think […]

New year, new branding

Time to ring the changes with a new brand identity for PROOF SPIRIT. Although I was fond of the old logotype, in Museo, I’ve been looking at alternatives recently and really like the new face, Novecento. It has a classic, yet modern look – clean and unfussy. Whilst I originally went for primary colours, I […]