Writer’s Blocks

Writer's BlocksI first had the idea of creating a comic where you ‘chose’ the story by rolling a set of dice in sequence to determine various possible outcomes of the narrative. One thing led to several others and I ended up choosing 36 iconic images to go on six dice, whereby you could (in theory) tell any story.

Each face contains an image that can be used literally or abstractly. The four seasons are there, the four elements, town and country, home and work, comedy and tragedy, life and death… Does the image of a car mean ‘a car’? Or perhaps a journey? Or a status symbol?.. There are 33,592,320 possible combinations and an infinite number of tales to tell. The dice can be used alone or with a group and are suitable for any age.

They’ve been used in classrooms, to generate bedtime stories, played as a game and I’ve a sneaking suspicion that Shakespeare would have loved a set. However, you can do what he can’t and get your hands on some here.


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