Lord Blackadder

Having already created several portraits for what is rapidly becoming my ‘rogues gallery’, I thought for my next piece I would capture one of history’s greatest rogues – Lord Edmund Blackadder. Blackadder is, without question, my favourite comedy. I grew up with it, I’ve watched it to the point of almost being able to quote every episode verbatim and never tire of repeat viewings.

Given the (comic?) timing of my decision, it seemed appropriate to get the portrait of one generation of the dynasty ready for print and then release it on Red Nose Day, with all profits from sales going directly to Comic Relief. I selected the Elizabethan incarnation, from Blackadder II, because he’s the most charming of them all, whilst obviously remaining utterly devious and self-serving.

Click on the image to see a larger version, and click here to buy one of the 100 signed and numbered limited edition A3 prints.


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