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Season’s greetings

Hoole is ace. Christmas lights are ace. Put the two together and you have sheer magic: Hoole Christmas Lights. When I was speaking to one of the committee for said lights several months ago, I offered my artistic services should they ever wish to use them. Therefore, I was more than happy to help when […]

Book-in-a-Year: Foreword

It’s nearly two weeks now since I made the bold declaration that I was going to write (and draw) a book in year. The circumstances surrounding this moment of inspiration/madness are as follows: Having woken up stupidly early in the morning on Thursday 7th of March and been unable to return to my slumber, I […]

Lord Blackadder

Having already created several portraits for what is rapidly becoming my ‘rogues gallery’, I thought for my next piece I would capture one of history’s greatest rogues – Lord Edmund Blackadder. Blackadder is, without question, my favourite comedy. I grew up with it, I’ve watched it to the point of almost being able to quote […]

Ryan Giggs

Last night, at the age of 39, Ryan Giggs played his 1000th senior game – a full 90 minutes against Real Madrid in the Champions League, no less. I always liked Ryan Giggs because he played number 11, left wing, like I did. Suffice to say, he has always played rather better than me. I […]