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Party time

If you saw notices like these on Saturday night, chances are you were at the same party as I was. Or driving past, seething with jealousy that you hadn’t been invited. My sister asked me if I could make some signs for her party and this is what I came up with. Can’t go wrong […]

New build

  This is a commission I did a little while back for a local construction company. The image was to feature as the ‘artist’s impression’ on signage around a new-build property while construction took place. I began by taking an angled projection from the architect’s drawings and digitally traced the outline of the house using […]


Whilst creating another chemistry-related piece last year, it struck me that the molecular structure of caffeine might be a good design to go on a coffee mug. Thanks to the wonders of the internet, it is now possible to upload a design and order a sample copy of such things to find out. I think […]

New year, new branding

Time to ring the changes with a new brand identity for PROOF SPIRIT. Although I was fond of the old logotype, in Museo, I’ve been looking at alternatives recently and really like the new face, Novecento. It has a classic, yet modern look – clean and unfussy. Whilst I originally went for primary colours, I […]